When the president wants to blame his economic woes on Russia, it’s time to look at the facts

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The president’s economic team is trying to shift blame from the president’s own economic problems to a Russian conspiracy.

But in a speech Wednesday, the president said that he has nothing to do with the alleged Russian meddling in the election and that he is only “focused on helping the American people” by addressing the problems of his own party.

Trump said that if his economic team can’t solve the economic crisis that is plaguing the United States, they will try to find a solution to it.

He said that his team would focus on helping Americans and businesses through tax cuts, a major priority of the Trump administration.

Trump also said that while he does not think that the Russians are responsible for the hacks, he believes they were trying to influence the election.

“I think it was probably Russian propaganda.

I think it could have been anybody.

The Russians certainly don’t have any doubt about it.

The fact that they hacked, I think they were able to affect the election,” Trump said.

Trump has been accusing Russia of hacking Democratic Party emails and then trying to undermine his own administration.

He has accused the Russians of leaking thousands of embarrassing personal emails that showed him to be less than stellar as a candidate.

He said that Russia’s interference in the presidential election has only worsened since his election victory in November.

“We’re seeing a lot of people trying to blame Russia,” Trump added.

“We have nothing to with it.”


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