What’s in a surplus definition?

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A surplus is the difference between what someone is spending and what they are earning, or spending minus what they’re earning.

It is defined as the difference from what the economy is doing to what it would have been if they had spent what they were earning instead.

In this case, the surplus definition is about spending by the government compared to income.

In the United States, the government spent $5.4 trillion during the recession and has more money in its accounts than it had when the recession started.

In other words, it has more cash in its account than it was when the economy was in the tank.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The government has a lot of spending, and the economy needs money.

The difference is that the government has more of it than the economy.

A surplus definition can also be used to define the size of a government.

If a government is borrowing more money than it spends, the amount of surplus is called a debt-to-GDP ratio.

That is, the larger the government’s debt-of-GPA ratio, the higher its deficit.

When you hear the word “deficit,” you are likely to think of a negative number.

A deficit is an amount of money that a government spends more than it takes in, or in fact it spends less than it receives.

It can be negative, but it has to be negative to be a deficit.

A government can be a surplus if it spends more money and gets less back than it gets back, which is called the “revenues-to and net-ofs” ratio.

When a government takes in more than what it spends or receives, that’s called a surplus.

In a budget, the deficit is the total amount that the Government is spending without taking in any revenue.

A budget deficit is when the government is spending more than the government takes out.

A surpluses can be defined by the size, amount, or kind of a surplus, as long as it doesn’t exceed what the government took in during the previous fiscal year.

A number of different ways to define a surplus can be used.

One is to count money the government makes that it spends back, or spend back in excess of what it receives, or take in more money, or keep more money for itself, or borrow money, and so on.

Another way to define an excess is to say the amount the government earns in the next fiscal year from a specific activity, such as tax revenues.

The tax revenue is what the budget is supposed to get from taxes.

A final way to understand a surplus is to think about how much the government would have had if it had done nothing at all, such that it had never borrowed money.

This is a simple calculation: the surplus the government needs to spend is the amount it would pay back in taxes if it hadn’t borrowed money, minus the amount that it would owe in taxes.

This last line is important because the government must be able to borrow money.

If it can’t borrow money and has a budget deficit, then it is a surplus and therefore needs to pay back some money.

In theory, this could happen by borrowing more from the public or by giving more money to the private sector.

In practice, this isn’t the case.

There is no one way to count the amount a government needs in order to have a surplus or deficit, and in theory the definition of a “surplus” can be any number.

This article is part of Reuters’ special series on the economic impacts of the recession, which began in late 2007 and continues to this day.


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