Google is expanding its presence in the Amazon.com ecosystem

Posted by admin

The Silicon Valley company is rolling out a new version of its Elastic Search tool that lets you search and shop on Amazon’s website without a computer or internet connection.

Elastic Search is one of the many tools Google announced Monday at the AWS CloudCon conference in San Francisco.

Google says it’s expanding the Elastic Search to all of its sites.

The search giant says it has now added 50 million new searches to its Elastic search engine, which has grown over the last two years.

That’s about 3 million more searches per day than in the same period last year, and Google says that’s driven by more searches for its products.

In the past, Amazon’s search engine has been slow and buggy, and it’s unclear whether it will ever improve.

The company is also looking for ways to streamline its search service, which now has over 400 million searches.

Google’s Elastic Search has become one of Amazon’s top business priorities, as the company has been searching for ways of increasing its revenue from its website.

But Amazon is also seeking to get into the marketplace of services.

Amazon recently acquired a major part of the search engine Bing, and has started to explore using Elastic Search in its search engine.

Amazon has also been looking at how to streamlining its search and shopping capabilities, and to improve its online shopping platform.

In October, Amazon introduced a new kind of service called Prime Now that offers discounted Amazon goods and free shipping.

Prime Now is currently available in Canada, Australia, and the U.K.

Prime Now is Amazon’s attempt to take on Google’s search, which is owned by Alphabet.

Google also owns the search and search engine companies that host its search results.


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