Trump administration warns of economic crisis as U.S. economy struggles

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The Trump administration has warned of a “disastrous economic collapse” as the U.K. prepares to leave the European Union, warning that the nation could become a “post-Brexit” member.

The warning was released Friday as British Prime Minister Theresa May was set to hold a crucial cabinet meeting in Washington, D.C., with the Trump administration and the British parliament to discuss Brexit and its implications for the U-K.

The warning comes a day after the White House issued a warning to British citizens that if they did not vote to stay in the EU, they would be subject to arrest for “disorderly conduct.”

The White House said May had made clear the “British people’s decision to remain in the European Economic Area is the president’s position, not the British government’s.”

“If a British citizen who has chosen to vote to remain [in the EU] does not wish to be arrested and deported for disorderly conduct, he or she can peacefully protest,” the White Senate said in a statement Friday.

The White Senate added that “this is not a time for political posturing,” and said the White Congress will “work with British citizens to ensure they are able to express their views.”

“It is essential that these discussions continue in order to address concerns about the consequences of the U.-K.

exit,” the statement said.

“As this issue has emerged and it is increasingly clear that the economic and social implications of leaving the EU are a major factor in the decision-making process for British citizens, the U,K.

Parliament, the government, and the broader community should have a say in what happens next.”

The warning came as the Trump Administration is preparing to leave Britain and move the U


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