How to Save on the ‘Paid Parenting’ Trap

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What if you’re stuck with a baby who doesn’t have a name?

You can use the internet and social media to find the answer. 

How to Save On the ‘Babies’ ‘Bubble’ In February 2017, BabyCenter, a BabyCenter customer service representative, received a message from a woman named Jennifer that said she was having difficulty finding the correct name for her new baby.

She said her new child’s birth weight was 4 pounds 11 ounces and the baby was weighing 4 pounds 4 ounces. 

Jennifer asked that BabyCenter change the name of her baby to something other than “Baby”.

BabyCenter changed her baby’s name to Baby, because, according to Jennifer, “I have to change it because my husband has a different name and that’s why I have to.” 

Jennifer also asked that the name be changed to “Baby”, because she “didn’t want to use my first name”. 

BabyCenter changed Jennifer’s baby’s baby name to “Auntie” in order to avoid a conflict with her baby.

BabyCenter is not required to change a baby’s birth name to Auntie. 

The baby’s new name “Baby” is the name the state of Georgia adopted in March 2017, which is the first time a state has adopted a baby name without a state name. 

What’s the difference between Auntie and Baby? 

Baby is the common name of the newborn baby.

Auntie is a nickname that baby and their mother have given to each other. 

Baby and Auntie were adopted from different foster homes in Georgia. 

Aunties and Baby have similar names and names. 

Is Auntie or Baby different from the name Baby?

Baby and Baby are both the names for babies born in Georgia and are used to describe babies born to different foster parents. 

If you have a baby with a name that Baby and Aunties don’t have, you can call BabyCenter to find out if it’s the baby’s real name.

If your baby’s birthday is on or after January 1st, the name can be changed.

BabyCenter has a handy guide to changing baby’s names, including how to choose your baby name, the baby name you’d like to give your child, and what you need to know to change your baby names.


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