When economic data falls short, how to fix it

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By Chris KermodeThe economic data that underpin the US economic recovery has been a disappointment for some. 

For the most part, it’s been the sort of data that’s hard to pin down. 

But as we look at how we’re doing with the recovery and its potential impacts, the economic data can be tricky to pinpoint. 

We’ve talked before about how we should be using the data to forecast the future, and how the data is often missing some key elements. 

And, of course, we’ve seen how data can lead to bad decisions in the past, including the government shutdown of 2013.

But what about how it can actually make us better? 

The data tells us a lot about how things are going. 

It tells us how the economy is doing, which is important. 

So what does it tell us?

Well, as economist John Perkins put it in a recent New York Times op-ed: The economic story is a story of winners and losers. 

The winners are those who have more economic growth than anyone else, and those who are still struggling, but who are getting stronger. 

Losing is everyone else. 

A great deal of the data about economic growth is missing, from the data on wages and employment to the data that is actually measuring inflation. 

There are three basic ways in which this is possible.

The first is a statistical error. 

If you look at a chart like this one, which measures the unemployment rate, you’ll see that the unemployment number is actually the jobless rate minus people who have stopped looking for work, or who have given up looking. 

That’s because the unemployment numbers are so sensitive to people’s intentions and feelings, and the more people are trying to get out of work, the higher the unemployment figure gets.

So if you look carefully at the unemployment figures, you can see that there’s no sign of a massive economic recovery. 

Even with the unemployment level at its lowest level since 2007, there’s still a lot of people who are out of a job, and a lot more of them who are looking for it. 

Similarly, if you use the data from the CPI-W and CPI-U to measure inflation, you find that the price of food is up in the US, which has the effect of depressing food prices for many people. 

These are the sorts of problems that the economy needs to deal with in the short run, before it gets too strong to handle. 

Second, we use a measure that is a bit more complex. 

In a way, that is exactly what it is. 

Data like CPI-w, which are supposed to be a measure of the change in the price level over time, are actually a measure called CPI-E, which looks at how much people are paying for food and other goods. 

Both of these measures measure the same thing: the price change over time. 

One way to think about this is to look at CPI-D, which shows the price per unit of income over time for a group of goods.

And then you use a different measure, CPI-P, which simply takes the price from the two measures. 

Now, as I said before, both measures are imperfect, and there’s some truth to that. 

Because there are different ways to measure CPI-CDP, which compares the price difference between a basket of goods and the cost of buying them, the two prices will be quite different. 

Still, they give us a better idea of how the country is doing relative to what the data tells. 

What if we could use the two methods in a way that didn’t involve using the CPI? 

In other words, if we were to take the CPI and the CPI for goods, and use CPI-EW for the CPI, and then use CPI for the price differences between a bundle of goods, the total price difference would be just the price between a pair of bundles. 

Using the CPI as a measure would then give us an estimate of the real economic cost of the Great Recession. 

Of course, there are some limitations to using the two approaches, like the fact that CPI-WD and CPI, the price measurement for the unemployment compensation programs, are so different.

But these are only the details. 

You can see why using a simple measure like CPI is the most accurate way to assess the economy. 

When the economy falters, it will usually look like we’re in a crisis. 

Not so long ago, we could see that when things were going badly, it looked like things were getting worse. 

Then, as the economy recovered, the recovery looked a lot like it was getting better. 

Today, we have a crisis, but we can still see the symptoms of the crisis.

In the US economy, we often think of the recession as a downturn, because we are accustomed to seeing it that way.


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