US President Donald Trump announces sanctions on Iran over nuclear program

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NEW YORK — U.S. President Donald J. Trump on Thursday announced new economic sanctions on two Iranian nuclear facilities, which the U.N. Security Council said will “immediately cease production of enriched uranium for nuclear weapons.”

Trump said the sanctions were “necessary to ensure that Iran is not seeking to obtain a nuclear weapon,” but that the decision was not based on any specific threat from Iran.

Iran’s state news agency reported that U.K. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson met with Iran’s foreign minister, Javad Zarif, in Washington.

He told Zarif that sanctions imposed on Iran would not be imposed “on a whim or an accident.”

The United States and the other world powers have been at odds over Iran’s nuclear program since January, when the Obama administration announced sanctions on the Islamic Republic in response to a nuclear test.

The United States has imposed economic sanctions against Iran on several occasions, including on Iran’s banks and oil firms, while Israel and Saudi Arabia have been pushing for sanctions.

Iran says its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes and that it does not seek a nuclear bomb.

It has said the U,S.

and other Western powers are using the threat of military force to force it to the negotiating table.

The Security Council on Thursday adopted a resolution imposing the new sanctions, which were aimed at freezing Iranian assets, prohibiting the transfer of dual-use technology to Iran, restricting the export of uranium to Iran and banning transactions with companies with Iranian ties.

The council also imposed new economic penalties on Iran and ordered it to provide full transparency on its nuclear activities.


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