‘This is the economy we were supposed to have’: Trump hits back at GOP for calling him a racist

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President Donald Trump on Wednesday morning hit back at the GOP for attacking his economic agenda by comparing him to former President Barack Obama.

In a tweet, Trump blasted House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, both Republicans, for comparing him and his economic team to Obama.

“This is not the economy I was promised.

And to think that the same people that said we’d be the strongest economy in the world are now attacking us on this,” Trump wrote.”

The same people who said we were going to make our country great again by rebuilding our infrastructure and our military.

The same people saying we were winning the war on terror.

The people that promised us a second term.

The People who said they would protect our borders, and they are not protecting them.”

Trump also attacked Ryan, McConnell, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats who took over the House of Representatives and Senate from Republicans after the November election.

Trump tweeted on Tuesday that he “never had a chance” to win the presidency in 2020 and that he was “still getting over the shock of election day.”

Trump was asked on CNN if he believed his economic plan could be the one that actually delivered the goods.

“Well, we’re going to be the greatest economy on earth,” Trump said.

“I never had a second chance.

I never had any second chance.”

Trump has been trying to make inroads with voters and Republican lawmakers by pointing to accomplishments he has made, and pointing to the economic progress that has occurred since he took office in January.

The president has said his economic policies are working, despite the negative headlines that have been written about the economy in recent weeks.

The president is not alone in the GOP in making the comparison.

On Wednesday, former House Speaker John Boehner called Trump a “racist” for using the word.

The Republican has since said he will not run for president again in 2020.

Republican House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy on Tuesday said Trump “needs to stop the hate speech and get the facts.”

“He’s going to continue to be vilified, and he’s going have to stop it,” McCarthy said.

McCarthy said Republicans will “fight this with everything we have, including the courts, including impeachment.”

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan also took to Twitter on Tuesday morning to attack Trump’s economic team.

“These tweets are dangerous and insulting to millions of Americans,” Ryan said.

The Wisconsin Republican, a top Trump ally, added that Trump has a “history of racial profiling.”

In response, Ryan said he and Trump have “different views” on economic issues.

Ryan said he would continue to support Trump and that Republicans “will continue to fight” the president’s agenda.


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