How to make your bank account payback for you

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Bankers say a good bank account can pay back at least 30 per cent in interest in five years.

“A good bank is a safe place to keep your money and you don’t need to worry about the bank getting into trouble or being robbed,” said Arvind Narayanan, managing director of financial services at the World Bank’s International Center for Business and Economic Research.

It’s a view shared by others.””

If you’re in trouble, the bank will help you.”

It’s a view shared by others.

“I think banks should be very careful to protect their customer’s money,” said Kunal Kale, chief financial officer at Credit Karma, a credit-rating agency in New York.

Credit Karma offers an online tool to help customers keep track of their credit scores, which it tracks in real-time.

Banks can also help customers avoid bad loans, and avoid the risk of losing a loan that is no longer in their account, said Suresh Kumar, chief executive of the New York-based Bankers Association.

The bank can even help customers if they are trying to buy a house, for example, he said.

In addition, credit-card issuers can help customers with their debt and help them get a credit score that helps them refinance, said Mr Kumar.

To be sure, not all banks are perfect.

Some of them are in trouble with regulators, while others have been in financial crisis for years. 

“A bank that does not do right things can be a problem,” Mr Narayana said.


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